Guided Meditations

Beyond Reactivity in Love Relationships
Tenderness for a Broken Heart
Opening the Heart
The Power of Pure Intention
Tender Presence
Using Fear to Deepen Intimacy
Compassion for Core Vunerabilities
Emotional Intelligence
Healing the Primal Wound
Beyond Emotional Identity
Love and Strength
Accessing Innocence
Communication with Loved Ones and Your Soul
Deepest Wound and Self-Compassion
Communicate with Your Own Soul
From Aloneness To Self-Compassion
From Feelings to Our Essential Heart
Original Innocence
From Self-Judgment to Self-Compassion
Transforming Anger and Resistant Emotions
Hand On Heart Guided Meditation for Anger
Self-Compassion - 1
Self-Compassion - 1
Fear and Courage
Wisdom vs Judgment
Feeling Into Your Heart
Finding Strength and Dignity with Chronic Pain
Awareness of Aggression
Finding Vulnerability Underneath your Anger & Resistant Emotions
Tenderness and Suffering: True Partners in Life (Poem)
Being Compassionate by Consciously Containing Anger
Prayer for Alleviating Emotional & Physical Pain
Awareness of Tone of Voice
Asking From Your Heart
Communicating Your Pain Needs to the Doctor
Moving From Withdrawal to Engagement
Watching Where Your Ego Hides
Healing Our Tone of Voice
Cultivating Trust and Love
Accepting Awareness
Wisdom For The Heart
What Do I Really Need?
Discerning Our Heart's Needs
Admitting Our Shortcomings
How Are You Doing?
Two Central Inquiries
Containment of Resistant Emotions
What Do I Really Need?
Contacting Your Heart While Suffering
Discovering our Heart's Need
Acknowledging Our Tone is an Act of Love: Toward Healing Stubbornness & Pride