Chronic Illness, Death, and Dying

Great Loss and the Cosmic Joke: Robert Strock & Dr. Ken Druck
Understanding the Subtleties of Communicating with a Dying Patient
Finding the Healing Wisdom with Chronic Pain
Steven and Ondrea Levine: Pioneers of Dying With Dignity
Using Awareness of Mortality as a Support to Guide Your Life
The Importance of "Presence" Rather Than Being a Helper
How To Be In Your Heart While With a Dying Patient
How to Support Someone in Severe Pain
Responding vs. Initiating as a Counselor
Serious Illness Can Often Lead To Profound Insight and Wisdom
Finding Guidance and Wisdom When You are Ill
Not Knowing Absolute Truth is a Healing Quality
Chronic Illness
How Do We Support a Family Member to Let Go
Supporting Self-Compassion
Health Challenges
Using Nonverbal Cues to Guide Communication
The Importance of Being Touched by Suffering
Honoring Differing Beliefs When Asked, While Still Being Authentic
Share Only as is Beneficial
The Paradox of Healing Grief
Acknowledging and Exploring Unfinished Business
Integrating Essential Questions
Developing a Practice of Dealing with Our Aggression
How to Support Patients to Honor Their Own Beliefs
Acceptance of Death: Loving Example, Selma Strock
Understanding Displaced Anger in Dying Patients
Do No Harm
Supporting the Ill Patient Who Has Feelings of Failure and Guilt
The Irreplaceability of Finding a Practice