Humanistic Spirituality is a contemplative and provocative series of spiritual wellness teachings and practices for leading a more grounded and fulfilling life. It integrates the benefits, and illuminates the dangers, inherent in both psychology and spirituality.

Our library of videos, and written Introspective Guides, cover a wide range of experiential teachings and psycho-spiritual experience including transforming difficult emotions, love relationships, the nature of healing, and finding inspiration.

For the psychologically oriented, Humanistic Spirituality encourages us to develop practices that emphasize being sensitive to feelings where we often remain stuck. Significant focus is placed on neutral witnessing and on cultivating essential qualities such as compassion, strength, receptivity, and inner peace.

For those that are more spiritual, Humanistic Spirituality is a form of spiritual psychology that encourages us to look more closely at our egos and the ways we may be unwittingly creating harm. We can mistakenly believe we’ve spiritually “arrived” and not recognize that our humanness is here to stay.

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