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Being With Anger Advanced Guided Meditation

Do this practice only when you want the experience of your own naked aggression, without acting it out. When you are ready to own your anger, you are ready for this practice. Determine if this is a safe time to dwell in your aggression.

As you start, ask for the wisdom to recognize the benefits of feeling your aggression, and to find the courage to feel it and not act it out. Make sure you’re in a safe place where you don’t have to worry about others disturbing you. Remember the triggering events, words, actions and attitudes, or whatever caused your reaction. Use your breath, movement, fantasy, voice and muscular contraction - - whatever allows the aggression to deepen. Now feel your aggression as fully as possible, however it unfolds. Take as much time as you need.

After simply being in the aggression, recognize that in addition to the trigger that caused the episode, your aggression is a lifelong condition that is part of being human. Drop the immediate content of why you believe you are angry as much as possible. Recognize that is only half true at most. Our lifelong anger is like an ocean, you are only dealing with a river. We have a place inside that adds our past angers to current ones.

Continue to feel the aggression as fully as possible with an empty mind. When the mind wants to tell a story, see it is an escape and return to the naked experience in your body, allowing a grunt or scream or contraction. Keep dropping thoughts and the mind as much as you can tolerate. Feel the vitality in the anger, and recognize it as your reaction, not caused by another.

If that makes you angry to hear, continue to feel it. Recognize that down deep inside is a state of being you can find when you’re ready. It’s your thwarted strength, which may or may not be accessible now or even in the near future. Feel this energy and find a place where your need exists for what was thwarted, rather than against something or someone outside. Feel how much you want to be strong and give yourself what is needed. Feel your longing and convert your anger into passion for your life as much as possible.

Continue to access the longing to find your passion. If you’re still angry, feel the need to be passionate for what was thwarted. End the meditation when you recognize you’ve taken it as far as you can. Let yourself be as you are. Remind yourself to do this as often as possible, especially when you’re triggered. Appreciate the courage you have for seeding this source of peace and strength.

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