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Our Relationship to Aggression

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Inquiry:  What are your most repeating ways of showing your anger and resistant emotions? (refer to Introspective Guides on feelings and needs)

Personal Integration;

Inquiry 2; How much do you contain your anger and resistant emotions , and are you motivated to continue to develop this capacity to support harmlessness

Personal Integration 3; 

Inquiry 3:  Can you find the underlying thwarted needs that are the source of your resistant emotions, and really understand how this is transormatiional?

Personal Integration

Inquiry 4:  Can you see the value in asking for permission before you express your resistant emotions, and how often are you able to this?

Personal Integration 4: don't be discouraged...

Inquiry 5:  Looking at your most common resistant emotions, can you see the enormous benefits of following this 3 fold path?




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