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Finding Unconscious Tones - Yearning to Transform Them

Choose a safe and comfortable place where you feel relaxed, alert and will not be distracted by the outside world. As you breathe, ask yourself, “When is my tone of voice least anchored in my heart during the day, and during my life?” Do this in a tender way, and be truly interested in the discovery so you can support yourself. Scan the key relationships in your life. Notice particular people who have a tendency to bring out your most defensive and discordant tones. Take a deep breath, and focus on relaxing. When you are aware of your reactive tone, feed the longing to feel the opposite healing tone that is rooted in your heart.

Let go of blaming anyone, especially yourself, and become a neutral investigator about where you have been most absent in noticing unpleasant or hurtful tones. Envision images of people who seem to bring out the worst in you. Who are these people? What is the tone that comes from inside of you when you think of them? It is a potential healing every time you notice such a moment in a nonjudgmental way.

Recognize that your judgment inside yourself does not help when you see something you wish were not there. Find the tones of tenderness and warmth that lie underneath. Deepen them as slowly and as much as possible. Take your time since the longer you stay aware of your tone, the greater the likelihood to find your heart and create less suffering for yourself and everyone around you. Recognize this as a kind of prayer, or contemplation. Keep allowing images to arise, of people to who evoke a tone that you find aggressive, unfriendly, painful, or stressful. Remind yourself that you are doing this to recognize where you suffer, and cause suffering, so you can relieve it by fostering healing tones in your heart.

Notice without judgment, if you are enjoying this anchoring process, as you search for your tones. As you go straight to your core truthfulness, focus on the most injurious ones that arise from inside you, and also notice the yearning to stay non-judgmental. Acknowledge the courage it takes to look at and be with these areas from which you normally run away. It is especially courageous when you don’t judge yourself and it is a true miracle to see what you don’t like and to carry a tone of kindness or even one of simple neutrality.

Breathe and just relax as you encourage yourself to carry the tone for which you yearn, in your heart. Appreciate that this is a meditation you can do on the spot, any time you want for the rest of our life. Ask yourself, what tones you would like to foster most in your life today? Which ones you would like to stay on the alert for? Be inspired by your courage to face those tones, and the motivation to reach your heart.

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