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Unity Beyond Beliefs: Ken Blanchard and Robert Strock

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Inquiry:  Regardless of specific faith or lack of it, allow yourself to vulnerably question with a sense of mystery, whether you absolutely “know” what will happen to you after death? 

Personal Integration:  This practice can be done alone or with a friend, lover, or counselor. Take one to five minutes or longer to contemplate and answer the question. When done with another, it is essential that the listener remains neutral and encourages you to look deeply at your beliefs about whether there is an afterlife and access a part of you that doesn’t “know.” Notice as openly as possible how this affects you emotionally or what state this puts you in.  (i.e. helplessness, silence, mystery, awe, fear, courage, trust, anxiety). If you are with a partner repeat this inquiry as needed to help maintain focus. 

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