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Opening To What is Underneath Aggression Guided Meditation

Choose a comfortable setting where you will not be disturbed. Take a few breaths to feel and enter into your body and heart. Slowly continue breathing, acknowledging that being with your inner experience is your top priority.

Now remember the last time you felt aggressive. Make sure it is fresh in your mind. Feel the moments of aggression you’ve experienced in whatever way they were there. Were you conscious of your aggression? If not, pause for a moment and encourage yourself to remember the next time. After a few moments of remembering, ask yourself, “What did I feel before the aggression started? Look as closely as possible to discover the softer feelings underneath your aggression that were difficult to tolerate.”

If you can find these softer parts of your emotions, appreciate that. If you can’t find them, appreciate that you’re even looking for them, which is the real purpose of what you’re doing right now. Sincerely looking requires a major shift from being aggressive to being more humble. Recognize that this is no small task because this kind of sincerity is the key to shifting out of aggression. Remind yourself that this awareness is a place you want to return to whenever you feel aggressive. If you can find these more delicate feelings, dwell in looking for as long as possible. If you feel fear, failure, inadequacy, hopelessness, or loss, encourage yourself with statements like, “Have the courage to just feel, and not do anything else.” Whether you’re sincerely searching for what is underneath or have found it, you are fulfilling your original intention. No matter your results, appreciate yourself for your depth of honesty, courage and tolerance to face what you normally don’t even look for or see.

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