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Finding the Healing Wisdom with Chronic Pain

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Inquiry: Can you find a part of yourself that is not fully identified with the pain?

Personal Integration: This practice can be done alone or with a friend, lover, or counselor. Take one to five minutes or longer to contemplate and answer the question. When done with another, it is essential that the listener remains neutral and encourages you by repeating this inquiry as needed to help maintain focus.  This is a time to appreciate the small (but emotionally huge) capacities to redirect your thinking, one thought at a time.  Taking a walk, breathing gently, smiling, purifying your tone of voice, focusing on self compassion, redirecting attention to something you enjoy, or anything that you uniquely can put your attention into to.  Don’t underestimate the importance of small changes in focus as thatis the key to gaining momentum in  strength, dignity, and using your creative intelligence.  See if you can appreciate the unique courage it takes   shift your focus to the small positive guidance at the same time as the chronic pain.

Inquiry 2: Who is it that is capable of witnessing the pain, and guiding independent thoughts and actions?  Can you let yourself dwell in this guidance as long as possible?

Personal Integration 2: Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  This can be a pragmatic question or an esoteric one depending on who you are.  If you are looking at it practically you might recognize  the independent observer that exists inside, that can still guide you.  If you tend towardthe esoteric you may have other names for this part of your being like a witness, wisdom, consciousness, etc.  The most important part of this questioning is that you sense and know, that when you gather the courage and focus to find it, you have a healing capacity inside yourself that is accessible In addition, it is the key to finding your highest potential dignity, character, and courage, and is something that you want to bring yourself back to again and again.

Inquiry 3: What is your prayer as pain is in your experience?

Personal Integration 3: Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  Each of us has the capacity to ask for what we most need in our hearts moment to moment. (refer to Introspective Guides on Needs/Qualities)  It is helpful to start this asking, expressing our purest intention or prayer with thoughts like , “May I  be able to…   If possible can I be guided to feel…”  When you find words that work for you, let yourself focus on softening and strengthening your heart as you ask.   Feel the sincerity of this sacred wish.

Inquiry 4: What thoughts are most healing when we think of the entire day in front of us, and also in the next three seconds?


Personal Integration 4: Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  This is seeking what may be called our wisdom.  You are looking for the very specific thoughts that will most help you focus on healing, support, or whatever priority you feel is #1.  It is important to recognize that there are different thoughts that are essential when you focus on the day versus  the next three seconds.  As you look for the thoughts for the next three seconds it allows you to value a kinder tone of voice, gentle breathing, a lovingthought, a smile, moving your body to become more comfortable…  This timeframe is easily within the realm  our attention spans, and can lead to a more immediate focus.  As you also guide yourself to the day allow for more general suggestions like have the courage to admit what you are feeling, take a walk, or nap, or perhaps make a phone call to a friend.  The three second focus will help right away, and the daily focus will help organize your time.  Dedicate yourself to both of these as you face the universal challenge that we all will ultimately face.

Inquiry 5:  How much can you let yourself be focused on the healing presence that can coexist with the pain.   How much can you gather the courage to identify with an essential you that surrounds the pain?

Personal Integration 5: Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  Notice how easy or hard it is to find and stay with this observing presence that can guide you.  Don’t be critical with yourself if it seems to be difficult or obscure.  Continue to recognize that you have the ability,even if in the smallest of ways, to think, move, hear, see… Stay with encouraging yourself to deepen identification with your witnessing wisdom and be  honest about your familiarity with pain acceptance coexistence??????.   Recognize that for most of us this is a revolutionary concept, and  it takes great strength not to collapse into painful physical experienceThe key thing is to be supportive no matter where you are. l.  May you feel compassion as you face yourself honestly.  Commit to access your own healing presence at the time that you most need it.   Recognize that whether you can feel your healing presence or not, it is there, and the more you focus on it the more love, compassion, acceptance, and mercy will come from the inside.

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