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Nurturance: Guided Meditation

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Inquiry:  Can you allow yourself to breathe consciously, open to nurturing, and talk about what level of nurturance you can reach?

Personal Integration: This practice can be done alone or with a friend, lover, or counselor. Take one to five minutes or longer to contemplate and answer the question. When done with another, it is essential that the listener remains neutral and encourages you by repeating this inquiry as needed to help maintain focus.  As you allow yourself to breathe, with awareness notice how much you feel nurtured.  Let it be okay, whatever the truth is.   This isn’t a contest.  It is rather like a prayer, where you are attempting to be with yourself live in the moment to notice and feel your own guidance of breath to nurture your heart.
Inquiry 2:  How much can you feel a nurturing in your voice, as you are asking 
the question of yourself,  “How can I nurture myself?” (putting your hand on your heart often feels helpful)
Personal Integration 2: Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format. Let yourself continue to repeat the question as to how you can best nurture yourself, and mainly focus on how much the tone of the questioner is friendly and soothing. The quality of the questioner itself is often overlooked.  As you continue to ask, recognize that you are looking a way of asking that in itself, is like hearing your favorite heart felt music.
Inquiry 3:  Notice what awareness you have when you ask yourself "How can I nurture myself during this day?'
Personal Integration 3:  Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  Look for all the concrete ways you could nurture yourself recognizing that each of us is unique.  Some of us are nurtured by nature, or music, being held, meditation, prayer, friendship, a walk, a nap …  This is your time to ask your wisdom to talk to you and guide you for the day.  Be specific and listen for the actions, inaction, thoughts, and focus that will guide you to your source of soothing on this day.   Remember that no one else is going to do this for you. It is important for you to discover what it is that you need for yourself.  See if it can be enjoyable rather than a chore.
Inquiry 4: Notice what awareness you have when you ask yourself  “How can I nurture myself as I focus on the next 3 seconds?”
Personal Integration 4  Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  This is a completely unique focus as it is so close to the moment, but is allowing you to put your attention on the next few seconds.   Notice that you can emphasize something that is really possible and tangible.  It can be things like tone of voice, the next series of thoughts, the way you relax or contract your muscles, the next simple action, the way you walk, the rhythm of your speech, your immediate intention, making eye contact, moving towards or away from another.  Again the key is that you are the determinant person of your own life, and by zeroing in on your next 3 seconds you can see how much impact you can have on bringing this quality into your life.
Inquiry 5:  What would your current prayer be, to nurture yourself in the next three seconds?
Personal Integration 5:   Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  It is frequently helpful to start a prayer with words like “May I be…”  or “I ask for help with…”   No matter what state you start from, prayer is always a welcome addition to support nurturance, as it doesn’t require you to be in a good place.   In fact, the more difficult your emotional state is the more important it is to have prayer in your repertoire of options.  Let yourself experiment with options asking for a blessed feeling state to enter your body and heart as much as possible.  It is helpful to remember that prayer is never demanding, and is always seeking to be vulnerable and humble as you remember that you are seeking help to move towards an essential part of your heart.
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