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Wisdom vs Judgment: Guided Meditation

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Inquiry:  Can you focus on understanding the difference between wisdom and judgment?

Personal Integration:  This practice can be done alone or with a friend, lover, or counselor. Take one to five minutes or longer to contemplate and answer the question. When done with another, it is essential that the listener remains neutral and encourages you by repeating this inquiry as needed to help maintain focus.   This is one of the most essential distinctions we can make in our lives as most of us are deceived by just listening to the words that we say to ourselves and others and miss the all important tone in which it is expressed. Spending precious time on discerning the tone we use as we deliver words is enlightening.  Be alert as the words you use can have the exact opposite meaning when the feeling and tone that are carrying those words are incongruent.  Look for concrete ways that you judge yourself and others and really highlight the tone as if you were a musician.  It is vital that all of us learn how to deepen our awareness of this music in our souls.
Inquiry 2:  How do you  frequently judge yourself and others that causes suffering?  
Personal Integration:  Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.   It is vital that all of us increase our awareness of where we judge ourselves and others.  As you ask this question be dedicated to really scan your key relationships and where you give yourself a hard time.  If we don't see from a deep place that our judgments are causing harm,  we will continue until we can see the negative impact.  It is so easy to be fooled by the positivity or appearance of believing that we are just sharing our perceptions in the words that we say to ourselves and others, and not feel the underground tone of negativity.   We might say to ourselves in a tone that is hypercritical "you are too emotional," and that negativity will lead us to deeper pain and feelings of inadequacy.  At another time our wisdom voice might say something similar like "it would be helpful for you to contain your emotions,"  and that perception would be helpful.  it depends on whether we can see clearly and learn how to move from judgment to wisdom, which lessens or eliminates our suffering and creates healing.  This isn't possible unless we can make this distinction.  
It is even more subtle than this at times because often we will judge ourselves or others unconsciously.  If we used the prior example we would be negative towards ourselves for being too emotional but not actually think those thoughts in our awareness.  We would just have a feeling of negativity towards our self when we are emotional.  For most of us we judge unconsciously.  it is a common myth that judgments are usually something that we can see in ourselves.    As you scan your life see if you can not only find areas where you overtly judge yourself and others, but instead might just have a negative attitude.  This is when the deepest healing starts to expand.   
Inquiry 3:  While looking at this pain, what does your wisdom have to say to you?
Personal Integration:   Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.   With whatever judgments you have found take the time to really feel the extra pain that is caused.   Our judgments are the largest source of self inflicted pain, and also the pain in love relationships.  The stakes of recognizing the judgments and really feeling the extra pain it causes gives rise to the inspiration to find your wisdom.   Specifically allow yourself to feel your greatest judgment towards yourself and or another, and continue to be curious by asking what would my wisdom say if it were to uproot this judgment?   How would the wisdom feel in distinction from the judgment?  Repeat the wisdom to yourself, and see if  you can sense the difference it makes in lessening your pain.  Don't be give up  if you either aren't able to find the wisdom or feel it.  Simply recognize that you need to keep inquiring so that you can find this  source of well being and healing that you desire.   The important thing is the commitment to awareness of your judgments, the pain it causes and deepening the wisdom to support well being and healing.
Inquiry 4:   As you look at your life day today, what are the main wisdom messages you want to remember?
Personal Integration;   Follow the same instructions as above in the monologue or repeating question format.  Many of our patterns of judgment are repetitous, and even predictable.   As we become more familiar with this part of our inner terrain, we can learn to suggest messages to ourselves that can replace or at least partially replace the areas where we normally succumb to judgment.  For example if we judge ourselves for being too intellectual we might say from our wisdom "be in your heart as much as possible"  or if we are frequently too emotional in our keenest sense of ourselves then we might say (with kindness) "contain your emotions that don't need to be expressed."   Learning how to speak from our wisdom in the areas of greatest sensitivity is a source of great healing and well being.  It is helpful to scan ahead in the day to the people that you are going to meet, and anticipate what judgments occur with this person, and ask your wisdom what is needed as you are with them.   This is a spiritual awareness gold mine.
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