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Seeing Difficult Relationships As They Are - Guided Meditation

Find a comfortable place where you can relax and not be disturbed by others. Visualize a recent difficult interaction with someone close to you. Take a few moments to feel your body and breath. Ask yourself, what was the last situation that was left unresolved? Sense the feelings that led to the situation where something was not finished. It doesn’t matter if you can feel it as palpably as when it happened because even small glimpses are enough. Consider the most common types of misidentified emotions that create conflict. Were you more frustrated, withdrawn, angry, jealous, ashamed or accusatory than you realized at the time?

The more you can open to the original feelings and awareness, the better the chances to appreciate the truth. Have the courage and wisdom to not try to change the feelings. Breathe into them. Gently ask yourself if it is safe to see these feelings clearly. Open your awareness and ask for the quality of the feeling or series of feelings to be revealed to you exactly as they are. There is likely a chain of feelings, so ask for the whole chain to be revealed. Notice aggression or withdrawal that might be part of the feelings you failed to notice. We often have a tendency to overlook feelings that are primitive and irrational because they embarrass us. Ask for faith in yourself and the courage to see irrational parts that shame you the most. Include the shame if it is there. See how much you can just care for yourself as you really are.

Pause and hover around your heart, gently breathing, and holding the feelings you discover. If you can’t find them, appreciate that you are continuing to search. This is a way to heal yourself and those around you, so remember to hold yourself as softly as possible. Give complete permission for your feelings to be there, recalling that all feelings are acceptable and worthy of your attention. Notice feelings that you might not have seen before. Maybe you gave them a label that wasn’t accurate. Since unresolved feelings are a result of not seeing things the way they are, the more shameful your feelings, the bigger the chance of a possible breakthrough.

Keep opening to seeing and feeling how things are without changing a thing. No matter what did or didn’t reveal itself, appreciate your intention to be with yourself and to seek your own truth. Repeat this meditation as you would any real inquiry or practice that can help you to see and care for the truth more clearly. If nothing is revealed and a negative pattern persists in your relationships, know that you are misidentifying your state or someone else’s. Be inspired and curious enough to continue inquiring since nothing is more important than looking for the source of suffering, love, and truth. See your faith and trust in action, as you are more interested in the truth than affirming an illusion of who you thought you were. The source of real confidence, faith and trust shows up when you are open to see what is here, regardless of the consequences. Appreciate and affirm your intention to stay open to the truth, and to love this essential state of being.

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