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Tone of voice is an aspect of communication that is rarely given much attention, but it's probably the single most important factor when it comes to how someone interprets what you are saying.  When we communicate with another, our actual tone can suggest a meaning that may be quite different from the words that we are speaking and the underlying feelings that may be harbored.

Consider even the many ways you say “hello” when you answer the phone after looking at your caller ID.  Your tone of voice reflects the feelings and relationship that you are engaging. For instance, your “hello” greeting may sound vastly different depending on if it is a parent, a lover, an angry neighbor, a childhood friend, a colleague, a potential employer, or a telemarketer.  And in developing psychological awareness, we begin to realize how much the tone we use actually sets up the overall tone of the conversation. 

On a deeper level in our intimate relationships our tone of voice is frequently the way that we unconsciously express our anger, irritation and discontent, and this becomes the source of a majority of irresolvable conflict.  It even is a frequent contributing cause to political and religious polarization, which can be resolved with a greater awareness and healing of our tones. 

Many of the Psycho-Spiritual trainings we offer through Humanistic Spirituality include free guided meditations, writings, and even LMFT and LCSW continuing education courses as a way to develop awareness and healing of tone of voice and its under-recognized importance in our relationships. In both our personal and professional lives, becoming more and more congruent with our tones and meanings will help us develop the inner peace that we seek.

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