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A strong, healthy, love relationship can be one of the most fulfilling things in life.  We spend much time contemplating and even fantasizing about what would constitute the perfect relationship or the ideal partner, but often times when we find the person we’re looking for, we become complacent and don’t realize that it takes a great deal of care and even a certain kind of grounded spiritual awareness to keep the love alive.

We eventually find out how unfulfilling it can be on the mind, body, and soul when the relationship is not working.   Partnerships are an investment from the heart.  The more you put in, the more you get back.  Love relationships require even more than a heart connection.  We need to work at earning and developing trust and loving curiosity, and for many, overcoming sexual inhibitions.  Through Humanistic Spirituality videos and teachings, we can learn to adapt and change undesirable patterns that we may not be aware of, as well as ways we can expand an already healthy relationship with practices that will develop even deeper intimacy. 

While everyone’s relationship has unique characteristics, there are certain things common to all good relationships which keep them fulfilling and meaningful, through good times and bad.  Direct, honest, and caring communication is probably the most important element that supports true intimacy.  It is important not only for understanding one another but also for getting through the inevitable challenges that arise.  Humanistic Spirituality offers many communication practices and inquiries that can help you deepen your understanding, empathy, curiosity, and love for one another.  The team at Humanistic Spirituality hopes that you enjoy our collection of teachings that illuminate communication, developing trust, intimacy, sexuality, heart connection, and love.

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Since 1972, Humanistic Spirituality founder Robert Strock has maintained a private spiritual and therapeutic counseling practice that specializes in purposeful living, relationships, spiritual psychology, and death and dying counseling. Humanistic Spirituality provides various spiritual workshops, guided mediations, and licensed marriage family therapists and licensed social work continuing education courses. Contact us to learn how we can help you find inner peace and spiritual awareness through our counseling, or our free guided meditations, videos, audios, writings, introspective guises and more. A warm welcome from the team at Humanistic Spirituality.

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