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Guided meditation is a practice individuals can do by themselves or within a group setting.  The mindful meditations on Humanistic Spirituality focus on accepting whatever emotional state you are in and cultivating a particular feeling or internal state, such as compassion or strength, for example, that can help heal and transform the state of being.
It is extremely beneficial to incorporate mindful meditation in our daily lives, even if at the beginning it is only for a few minutes.  Scientifically demonstrated benefits of mindfulness practice include an increase in the body’s ability to heal, as well as an expansion of neurological firing that can be associated with relaxation, happiness, and emotional balance and can help decrease anxiety, repetitive thought, and depression.  While there are many ways to meditate, these guided meditations can be done sitting or lying down, eyes open or closed, or even while walking. 
The Humanistic Spirituality site includes live workshop videos of licensed marriage family therapists in counselor’s training workshops, video introspective guides with simple nature scenes and soothing harmonic backgrounds, downloadable MP3 files for your iPod, and also written introspective guides for use with guided meditations which are available for you to print out and use in your counseling practice if applicable.
At Humanistic Spirituality, we hope that you enjoy these guided meditations and share them with others if you feel they may be beneficial toward helping others find inner peace and achieve their spiritual potential.  If you have suggestions for different themes or challenges you would like to see included in our collection of meditation practices, please feel free to contact us at info@humanisticspirituality.org.  Many thanks for visiting our site, and best of health and wellness to you!
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Since 1972, Humanistic Spirituality founder Robert Strock has maintained a private spiritual and therapeutic counseling practice that specializes in purposeful living, relationships, spiritual psychology, and death and dying counseling. Humanistic Spirituality provides various spiritual workshops, guided mediations, and licensed marriage family therapists and licensed social work continuing education courses. Contact us to learn how we can help you find inner peace and spiritual awareness through our counseling, or our free guided meditations, videos, audios, writings, introspective guises and more. A warm welcome from the team at Humanistic Spirituality.

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