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Humanistic Spirituality Audio Introspective Guides

Here you will a variety of find 5-10 minute free audio guided meditations tracks (mp3 downloads available), video introspective guides, written introspective guides, and teaching dialogues. The audio presentations and guided meditations are designed for you to be an active participant to provoke a deeper relationship to yourself and others.  The audio introspective guides cover many aspects of emotional and physical challenges including areas such as pain management, self-acceptance, and inquiry practices with your partner, as well as healing negative self-judgment, finding well-being and inner peace, and many more.

We strongly encourage you to print and read the Humanistic Spirituality Introspective Guides that are central to personalizing and identifying specific parts of yourself prior to listening to these free audio guided meditations and teachings.  The audio introspective guides will assist you in identifying—with detailed precision—feeling states, underlying needs, and desired essential states that will help in better understanding yourself and people closest to you.  While you listen to the audio introspective guides, you will be better equipped to identify with and connect to those needs or desires that may be unmet and the ways in which you can create self-healing. We authorize and encourage counselors to use these guides with their clients if applicable.  We are also open to suggestions for specific free audio guided meditations in which viewers may have interest, so please feel free to contact us.

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Since 1972, Humanistic Spirituality founder Robert Strock has maintained a private spiritual and therapeutic counseling practice that specializes in purposeful living, relationships, spiritual psychology, and death and dying counseling. Humanistic Spirituality provides various spiritual workshops, guided mediations, and licensed marriage family therapists and licensed social work continuing education courses. Contact us to learn how we can help you find inner peace and spiritual awareness through our counseling, or our free guided meditations, videos, audios, writings, introspective guises and more. A warm welcome from the team at Humanistic Spirituality.

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